Where to get information on the Aurelia?

  1. a)Parts books (and much else) have been scanned and are available by CD from Huib on Viva Lancia here: CD's with Aurelia documentation. It takes time to learn how to use them - for example, B20 info is in the Berlina section, with changes only noted in the B20 section.

  2. b)Owner’s manuals can be found, but get the right one for your car. Some have been reprinted and are available for low cost from Libreria dell’Automobile,  Gilena, or Chaters.

  3. c)Workshop Manual - one has been compiled over the years by Paul Mayo, and he can be reached by: <kerrin2006@btinternet.com>. The factory never made a workshop manual, but their issued sketches (~100) were reprinted a few years back. While interesting, the real key is the workshop manual. 

Examples of Aurelia literature below include (by row):

    1)    B10 Berlina sheet and extensive brochure, 1952 letter with US $ prices

    2)    B20 first publicity, on backside of B10 sheet, 4th s. B20 shot from PF, and 6th series

    3)    B24 Spider brochures (both types!), and a B24 Convertible

    4)    B20 4th s., Nardi 2 carb 2500 setup, and custom coachwork


How to get info?