General Lancia information on the web is best found on Viva Lancia. This site has extensive forums and many links and classifieds. Huib (who authors Viva Lancia) offers CD’s of the parts manuals and Owner’s manuals. 

Another site for Lancia posting is DJ Richard’s Lancisti site, with emphasis on Fulvias and Betas.

Membership in the American Lancia Club will connect you with a small but passionate group of fellow Lancista, the English club is larger and more active; their newsletter and website are filled with rare information.

Paul Mayo (ex-librarian, English Lancia Club) publishes manuals on various Lancias, and his workshop manual on the Aurelia is highly recommended.  His manual includes many data sheets, club member’s “how-to-fix-it” and general workshop instructions.

For the Aurelia specifically, the Registro Aurelia Italiano has a modest site with excerpts from Bernabo’s definitive book on the Aurelia. There are a few other sites on particular models, including one on the B12.or the B22.

A complete set of articles on the Aurelia (in Italian) can be found on Wikipedia. Starting with the berlina, the site covers the B20 well, and also 1950’s Lancia competition cars.

There are other good sites for Flaminia , Flavia, and some older models (Artena, Augustas) can be found. There is a lack of information on Lambdas or Aprilias. And for the commercials - one must go back to the printed page.

The Valsesia Lancia Club’s operates the Museo Lancia in Fobello; a visit is urged, now they also operate the family’s Villa Lancia.

For classifieds, Viva Lancia and Omicron service the British market well. The Anamera site is good for Lancias. There are a few on the American Lancia Club site.

VeloceToday has very good overall Italian car info, US based, with some good European writing. Edited by Peter Vack, it has published articles on Appias, Flavias, a test drive of a D50 and Appia-based Dagrada Formula Junior, and a two part article on the B20 in detail. Check out the article on Marcello Minerbi, who has his father’s owned-since new and unrestored B12 sedan (note: some of this is a paid website, unfortunately).

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