Site Policy


The beginnings

This site started some time ago ... and then became something more. After looking at a very extensive site on Lancia Artenas and Jean de Barsy’s wonderful Flaminia site, something was needed for Aurelias. As one of Lancia’s finest product, the Aurelia called out for to have representation on the web. There were some sites, but not much information.

Initial posts were scans of factory literature. Then came the stories of my ongoing B20 restoration. A brief history of the Aurelia followed with a different perspective than most published histories. Then friends sent information on the differences of the early B20’s from the later ones - and this too was posted. Following this, came nice engine drawings, historical photographs, illustrations from Lambda owner’s manual followed - technical tips were not far behind.

In the future it should  have a guest book and a better place for comments (now only on the blog). Perhaps some more pictures of other Aurelias.

Goals and site policy

The goal of this site is to promote the marque and to share information on older Lancias.  There are no commercial interests - this is a personal endeavor. 

In general, Information on older Lancias is posted, with an emphasis on Aurelias. Some information on other models can also be found - thus Appias, Lambdas, Aprilias and even Lancia commercials can be seen. There are no strict rules.

Names of owners are generally not mentioned to protect privacy. Sensitive matters or disputes are not posted. If material is to be published elsewhere, it is not posted here without specific agreement or understanding.

Regarding copyright - copies of drawings from books, for example - this is a bit tricky. So too, if If anything on the site is offensive, it can be removed.

Other Locations

Detailed or high quality photos are often posted in "albums". Sometimes these are at, and some more recently at mobileme galleries, as identified on the specific pages.